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Can I add you on Livejournal/ICQ/MSN?

Yes Sure! If you talk to me on ICQ/MSN, just let me know you got the ID's from this site. Thanks.

Can I use your pics on my site?

If you run a free site then Yes you may, but please link me back.If you use a site to make a profit then please do not use my pictures on your site. If you, I will find you and then you can get into serious legal trouble. My atr is my own and I don't want other people using it to make money. You can use my art for Livejournal icons/buddy icons and such. I would be honored.

Do you sell your art?

Yes, please contact me if you want to buy something. I also have auctions you can check out.

How do words in music (vs. none) effect your art.. does it show?

Mmm... Music does inspire my art, but it's not the main source of inspiration, mostly I get inspired by people and visuals. Music with words, can influence the "personality of a person" in my drawings, where as music with no words has a effect on my imagination. If the music is happy, I will use more colour and if its dreary, it might turn into more Gothic art.

How do you pronounce your name?

I have a Dutch last name, van den Bosch, and it's really easy to say it. "van" is pronounced like the English word for "fun" den Bosch is easy, and it means "From the Forest" :-)